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TOEFL® Family Research Program

For over 40 years, the TOEFL® research program has pioneered new ways to assess English-language proficiency and made advancements in our understanding of English language learning. Today, the program continues to respond to the needs of test users by researching and developing new assessments for English learners with diverse backgrounds and across age groups.

Research Topics

Reliability and Validity

Testing and ensuring the reliability, validity and quality of TOEFL tests

View Reliability and Validity Reports

Assessment and Learning

Providing guidance on how to use test scores to inform classroom teaching and assessment.

View Assessment and Learning Reports

Scoring and Interpretation

Identifying information that score users need to accurately interpret test results

View Scoring and Interpretation Reports

Innovation and Technology

Exploring innovative task design and technology to measure language knowledge and skills

View Innovation and Technology Reports

View All Reports

Backed by Research

Learn more about TOEFL research and development in the TOEFL Research Insights Series. Download the TOEFL Research Reference List for information on over 500 publications.

TOEFL Research Insight Series

TOEFL Research Reference List

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