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Program Management

Providing the highest quality assessment experience for teachers and students demands that your exams and measurement tools are supported by a professional team. ETS K–12 program management works to provide an exemplar experience with our scoping and bidding team, program management team, communications team and the Office of Quality.

Scoping and Bidding Team

Our scoping and bidding team ensures that you receive exactly what you need. Our experienced managers sustain your quality assessment experience by understanding the realities of timelines, budgets, schedules and execution practices and working within them to bring your vision to life.

Program Management Team

Our program management team helps you implement your assessment program. With their previous state testing experience, our managers are able to anticipate challenges during implementation and suggest proven solutions to keep your program on track. Their goal is executional excellence with sound operational practices, demonstrated planning skills and proactive communications and reporting skills. 

Communications Team

Communication with internal stakeholders and the larger community is a key component to the success of an assessment program. A comprehensive messaging plan can help you:

  • explain the value of educational testing clearly to a diverse set of audiences
  • bring the learning community and the general public into a collaborative understanding of your goals

Our team of public relations and marketing professionals can help you design long-term and short-term outreach plans. 

Office of Quality

The Office of Quality is a dedicated team working across the organization to streamline internal operations. Their focus is the improvement of processes and program management within ETS. As an internal monitor, the Office of Quality:

  • consults on projects and programs to uphold the best practices
  • ensures that all internal teams remain focused on purpose and larger goals
  • provides checks and balances to drive excellence and efficiency to our work

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