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K–12 Student Assessment Programs Capabilities

Navigating the changing landscape of student assessment

Student assessments are changing at an unprecedented rate. Our longstanding commitment to evidence-centered design of assessments helps us design and deliver assessments that reflect more closely the work that students and teachers create in the classroom. Better assessments mean better information for you to make meaningful decisions in your state, districts and schools.

Collaborative Planning

Knowing what you need to measure is important. How you measure student learning and how you intend to use the results are equally important. At ETS, we want to share new ideas and innovative methods with you before your planning begins. Learn more about our planning capabilities.

Program Management

Program management at ETS means you have a dedicated team trained in project management practices, versed in educational assessment, and in full access of our internal resources and organizational capabilities. Your team serves as your liaison to ETS for the duration of your testing program. Learn more about our program management capabilities.

Assessment Development

Your testing program needs to meet needs and objectives for all stakeholders, from students and teachers to administrators and policymakers. Sound test creation is a key to fostering positive attitudes toward testing. ETS takes a comprehensive approach to test development to ensure what is measured is measured well. Learn more about our assessment development capabilities.

Item Development

The foundation of fair, valid and reliable assessments is high-quality test items. What constitutes a high-quality test item? What are the standards for technology-enhanced items? See how ETS leads the field in writing test items.

Scoring and Reporting

ETS's scoring and reporting processes are designed for speed and accuracy, so that valid results are in the hands of educators and policymakers when they need to take action. Our scoring processes are built on a combination of machine scoring, wherever possible, and human scoring, when it makes sense. Learn more about our scoring and reporting capabilities.

ETS has been creating educational assessments for 70 years. Learn more about our approach to testing.

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